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Earth from Space

I like this photograph by Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, who seems to spend a lot of time on the International Space Station doing what most of us would do, looking out the window in amazement.
Why do I like this shot? Because it shows a living, active earth -- the glistening tidal flats surrounding Mont Saint-Michel in France -- where there is a mix of the natural and the human-made intersecting rather beautifully. It makes the site look like some sort of microorganism, which, from space, is what it is.
 Besides, it's our view. We paid for it.
That being said, I believe I should link to Twitterpic, which posted this from Noguchi's web site. I am new enough at this that I seemed to have failed in my first attempt, but perhaps this link will do:

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  1. Also looks like an abstract painting! The site is off to a great start. Good luck with everything!

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