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So Long, San Francisco…Hello, Seattle

Well, it's been a wonderful 35 years in the City by the Bay, in this land of Giants and great friends of every shape and size. But folks, we're running out of water here, and so I am heading north, like an old wildebeest with a dry throat and a vague fear of lions. There are still jobs for Boomers in Seattle, I found. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has hired me to write about their good work, and I am delighted to do so. These are the people who pioneered bone marrow transplantation to treat leukemia, and their expertise in immunology extends to worldwide trials of AIDS vaccines. Surprising and important things are happening in cancer research lately. These are exciting, encouraging times. Fred Hutch is in the thick of it, and little more than a month from today, I'll be there, too.

Fred Larson Fog Bridge

                                                                                                          Photo: Fred Larson

Hutch and Rainer

                                                                                                 Photo: Fred Hutch


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